Todo saldrá bien – Every thing will be fine

Spain 2016
Dir: Jesús Ponce
Drama (social, realism)
90’ – color

Isabel returns to the family home long ago abandoned overwhelmed by an uncertain future living in the
narrow margin of the rural tradition, positioning herself as one of many office workers in Madrid.
There she reunites with her sister Mercedes, who had to stay in charge of a progressively deteriorated
mother as a consequence of Isabel’s escape, a fact that is at the origin of all the resentment accumulated
over the years.
Since then, Isabel holds with her job this unsigned economy pact. Isabel has returned to be present at the
death of her mother, event that is imminent, in doctor’s word. But reality is that the moment never comes
and starts to become an emergency: the economic situation depends Isabel’s return to Madrid.
The reunion feeds of past joys and grudges that make everything become a countdown that never starts.

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