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  • En la ciudad sin brújula

    En la ciudad sin brújula – In the City Without a Compass

    “In the City Without a Compass” becomes the meeting point for two foreigners that have lost the way to their dreams. Anna is a Hungarian immigrant and Pascual is a foreigner of his own life. …

  • Del calor de la noche

    Del color de la noche – Colored like the night

    In Santo Domingo, President Rafael Trujillo orders “El Corte: Expel all Haitians on the Dominican side of the island or cut their throats if they resist”. Maria a country black woman, returns home alarmed, and …

  • Escisión


    When there is part of yourself that you do not know, you live in constant excision. After ten years together, Laura and Dani´s relationship is going through a difficult time. Dani´s continuous nightmares are taking …

  • Espejuelos oscuros

    Espejuelos oscuros – Dark glasses

    Esperanza is a blind woman that lives alone in a secluded house in the Cuban countryside. Mario is a criminal go-getter that is running away from the police after a robbery in a nearby village. …