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    Smoking Club 129 rules – Smoking Club (129 normas)

    Oscar leaves everything to set up a club of cannabis smokers with a basic rule: “The club is a space of freedom.” A place where everybody could feel free. The problem comes when 3 kilos …

  • el calor después de la lluvia-

    El calor después de la lluvia – Sultriness

    Juana is a 30 year old woman that, until now, hasnít allowed herself to be happy. An unexpected encounter with Gustavo, her ex-boyfriend, revives her most impenetrable emotions. From that moment, Juana feels forced to …

  • bittersweet

    Bittersweet Days

    When Julia’s boyfriend has temporarily to move to London, she has to share the flat with Luuk, an outgoing Dutch photographer. Their cohabitation will make the two of them rethink their way to confront live. …

  • CAPTURAR capture

    Capture – Capturar

    Fernando wants to shoot a documentary films about the eventful life of the actress of his first feature film. To this end, he wants to surround himself with some ex girlfriend, but it will not …